Insurance Broker – Health Insurance For Small Businesses

Insurance Broker Kansas City

An Insurance Broker in Kansas City can help you find the right health insurance plan for you. Different health insurance plans offer different benefits and are structured differently. For example, one health insurance plan matches you with a primary care provider, while another requires you to choose a provider from a network. In both cases, you should consider your specific situation before signing any waivers.

Insurance Brokers earn a commission from the health insurance company that they sell you. This means that they earn around 2-3% of the premiums you pay. If you are not able to afford a Kansas City health insurance broker, you are paying twice as much for your coverage. In addition to the premium, health insurance brokers spend time resolving every day issues, such as writing appeal letters, updating student verifications, answering questions about coverage, and answering coverage issues.

Your health insurance broker should send you a renewal reminder e-mail at least 45 days prior to your policy’s renewal date. They will also send you details of the policy, such as the amount of premium paid and any claims made. A Kansas City health insurance broker must be diligent in their work, and should notify you immediately of any discrepancies. If your current policy is no longer offering enough coverage, you may want to consider raising the sum insured or adding a rider.

Lockton is the largest privately-held insurance broker in the world. Its office in Kansas City is the largest operation in the company. The company has more than 1,100 associates in Kansas City and a global revenue of $1.1 billion. Its founder, Jack Lockton, started the company in 1966.

Whether you are a small business owner looking for insurance or a larger corporation, you need to protect yourself and your business with the right insurance. Having the right insurance policy in place can protect your assets and position your company for growth. A reputable Kansas City business insurance broker will be able to find you a better policy and help you manage your liability and risk.

Small businesses can also qualify for small business health insurance plans. These policies cover employees and their dependents and can be purchased at any time during the year. Your business isn’t required to offer this coverage, but many small businesses are able to qualify. Small business health insurance policies are tax deductible and can be purchased at any time of the year without having to wait for an open enrollment period.

If you want to find the best health insurance plan in Kansas City, it is a good idea to work with a company that prides itself on a proven track record. The professionals at Apollo Insurance Group have the expertise to help you find the best health insurance plan at an affordable cost.